Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#Stationery Addict- Pens Pens & More Pens!

So I am loving everything pen related these days as my love for lettering continues.
I will be honest with you... I am trying hard to perfect my lettering for my next tee.
I will be even more honest with you... I am afraid. Yes,  you heard it here.

As an artist or shop owner not everything is always peachy. It's risky! You take a risk
every time you post your art work on social media platforms.

Ok sorry I was getting deep on you. Let's move on shall we? I want to take you on a trip with me to this lovely store I found in downtown San Jose, California.

I work about 5 minutes form this store and never knew about it until some planner friends told me about it.

Let's roll...
your here for stationery items right?
This is what I walked into... in a small stationery section of a store called Muji, there they were 
pens galore! 

Pens and notebooks!? I was in heaven!  

Stamps too! Yes! 

This is it folks... a lil piece of heaven right here in San Jose! If you are in the area it's def a must to see!



  1. OMG! I love stationary and school supplies so much! I love Back-To-School shopping because it means I get to go to the store and be surrounded by it all!
    I love that photo of all the pens and notebooks!

  2. wow...a store that close could be dangerous :) ha ha