Friday, August 21, 2015

Confessions of a Phrase Stamp collector...

Yes. I am crazy. Truth be told I am not alone.  I started scrapbooking (I know sounds goofballish) like three years ago and realized there is a ton of these phrase stamps. I then realized I needed them all. Don't laugh. Anyhow you see they are so easy to use and come in so handy! ok now you can laugh!

My collection...
 Here you can see one of my newest date stamps... IT'S HUGE! OH AND I LOVE IT!
the other was originally a white handle until I put pink spray paint on it! No phrase stamp is safe from spray paint!

here I stamped on a target page flag and attached it to a paperclip... you know for all those #plannerjunkies!

here I added it to my get messy journal and used it for a prompt.

this one well it's pink and hello kitty!
here I added the phrase to a gift tag for Valentine's Day

this was my collection about 2 years ago... I out grew this plastic kitchen tub quickly!

I want to say this was one of my first date/phrase stamps. I was so happy! It might sounds silly but I just think it's so cute!
this was one of my first homemade business cards. Boy that sure is sorry looking.
In fact I still don't own any business cards.   

I just got this stamp last night... I think I have 3 other date stamps that have come in kits. I can't part with them.
So there you have it this is my confession.. I own way too many phrase stamps.



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  1. You win! Hahaha...I thought I had a lot of date/phrase stamps. And you use them...that is awesome :D