Friday, May 8, 2015

#NSD - Hells Yeah!

Hey friends!
So how was your NSD!? Here is a peek into my NSD!
Balloons... oh you know me to well! It's not a party without balloons and a theme!   
We started off by having some pina coladas because lets face it - I signed a contract at JoAnn's no alcohol!
Here I am trying to perform my best art work on these balloons. If I was smart I would of cut some vinyl!!
My crew! These girls! I swear we could sit all day and not craft but have sooo much fun!
We finally made it to JoAnn's and this is the drink I whipped up for us.  The mat and AT book belongs to Linda.  NSD is a day where we get to not only craft together but share our opinions on well.. craft stuff! ha!  
ok so this picture... this was right before we ended the day. We could not see a damn thing out of those pineapple glasses but it was the best 10 minutes ever trying to take a picture!
ok now you may laugh at us! This sums up our NSD fun!

This was our set up....... we had so much fun just hanging out - we didn't want the evening to end! 

Here's Linda working away... 

Here's Liz and her graduate!

Theresa workin her fiskars.
Selfie! This is what was happening. I think we lost Liz in this one because she was shopping!

Here is the loot that I could not pass up.... Heidi Swapp! Yes, I had been eyeing this 4 whole punch seems like forever. It seemed it had been sold out online everywhere. Low and behold right here in Fremont Cali! Those punches were waiting for me!!

Well that's it folks! Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with me while I recapped my NSD! If you have never attended a NSD I encourage you to do so! If you did what did you work on!?


  1. Ahahahaha I had so much fun. Those glasses!!!!!! I am laughing right now :) thanks for hosting :D. Can't wait for our next craft date.

  2. Hahaha! Those pics crack me up! Fun times, fun times!:)

  3. Hi, Jossie! You are adorable! Love the fun and energy you bring to your blog. Looking forward to catching up with you! By the way, what is #NSD? I have no clue!!!

    1. Sharisse! Thanks for stopping by! NSD is short for national scrapbook day! A day to just work on paper crafts. It's silly but fun!