Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Vintage Inspired Baby Shower

Hi my crafty, party throwin,  diy peeps!
If you have been wondering where I have been - you are not alone...
I have been in Glam-Ma mode! I am going to welcome a sweet granddaughter!
My daughter's due date is on Mother's Day!
I just want to say now this will be picture overload and most will be of my guests because I did not get a chance to go around taking pictures because I was being the host! Sorry! Here we go....
THIS cake I mean wow right!? My sweet niece Ashley has been making cakes for about 2 years... yes- she is that good! My daughter tagged her in a photo on IG and she was able to recreate it.
The best part - it was delish! the top layer was lemon and the bottom layer was funfetti!
Here is my sweet girl who is about to be a Mommy!

This table here was for my daughter's project life album. I am documenting her pregnancy.

Pretend you don't see the exit or fire sign here :)
My makeshift backdrop! These photo props were cut at the shower because I ran out of time!
Pop! Get it!? She's about to pop hee hee hee I have to laugh at my own jokes.

Forgive me... pink candy apples were given out as party favors and fresh pink lemonade was served.
The menu: croissant sandwiches, pinwheels, green salad and shrimp cocktail 
"Oh baby" seemed to fit because I keep thinking "oh my we are having a baby!"
These are my children minus my step daughter and my youngest. My son served as my right hand man. He ran errands and was the bartender. It's still unreal to me that my children are young adults.   
This here below is the lucky one who stole my daughter's heart.

These ladies here helped me decorate as I was still unloading my car!
My two sisters who have fed my passion for fabulous party throwing! I owe it all to them!


 It was a beautiful day! This is the inside of the hall I rented. The two ladies under the sign are also my sisters. One sister to keep me calm and the other to remind me to put on my party clothes. They say it takes a village to raise a child and they are part of my village.  

This sweet baby girl is my newest niece. We start them early! Party dresses all day erry day! 

 Gifts galore... cars seat - check, stroller - check, crib - check, baby soother -check 
we are ready for you little girl!





This last picture is one of my favorites! I can see her being a tiny baby but in reality she will be holding her own little baby soon. Everyone always talks about being a grandmother is so special. I can already feel in my heart that my love for this baby is so different. I guess that's what they meant.
I will have to report back on that later.
Thank you again for sticking around and seeing a little bit of my life.
Jossie Posie
aka: Glam-Ma!  


  1. Such a perfect party!! I love all your accessorizing at the note table! You are awesome and you will be such a cool Glam-Ma :D

    Congratulations!!! :)

  2. Everything was Beautiful! I am so happy for you and your family♡

  3. Getting some great ideas for my own baby shower! Such a beautiful shower! Congratulations! :)

    1. Thank you Jamie! Congrats on your new little one!

  4. Oh my goodness! On two levels! One - what a GORGEOUS family you have! Your daughter is a beauty and what an exciting time for everyone! And two - what a beautiful shower! The decor and everything was absolutely lovely! <3 <3