Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine Crafts & Cocktails

Hi Friends! I hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's Day! 
Last weekend I hosted my 5th Valentine party for my sisters. It was very short notice and luckily I had plenty of paints in my stash! One of my sisters was going to be out of town on Valentine weekend so we had the party one week earlier. Last year you can see that here  we made cards and floral headbands. This year we opted for something easy- I chose canvas art. Here we go...   

Strawberry margaritas... for some reason I love to serve these up!

We couldn't leave out the sweets!

my sweet nieces

I styled this bart cart the morning of the party. Like I said this party was a whole week earlier than planned. That cheers canvas was still wet when I hung it! 

these masaon jars have about three coats of acrylic paint. The table cloth is plastic and I took my pen to it and just started writing - it dried in seconds! 

These girls here... 5 are my sisters and the rest are my nieces. I use to force them to come craft with me and now they get so excited for our Valentine party. They look forward to what we will do. It's tradition. We love to get together. We eat drink and craft in that order. These girls are my cheerleaders and I am so happy I have them.

 Just like that the party was over and I was exhausted! I would not of had it any other way!



  1. That's sweet! Love how you styled everything!;)

  2. Really cute party! How inspiring, maybe next year I will have one, too!


  3. That is so fun!!!! It is nice to have fun traditions :)