Tuesday, February 24, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas on the cheeeap!

So I am inviting the girls over for some St. Patrick's fun! I found some good deals I would like to share with you.
Let's start off with some free printables shall we? Printables courtsey of paisley petal events

You can pick up this banner as low as $3 at your local Target

I picked this blanket up for 3.99 at my local Ikea 

I couldn't pass up green throw pillows for 3.99 (ikea gets me all the time)

Tissue Poms at Target for 2.50 

Serve up tasty margaritas for my sweet friends :)

Festive outfit (image found off the web) and you are ready for a party!
 Get your house ready for just under  $20! 

What will you be doing for St. Patricks? I am hoping to have a good day of crafts, fun convo and a tasty green drink!



  1. Sounds so much fun! Can't wait :D You are the best decorator :D

  2. Girl! You are always so festive! I can't wait either!

  3. Love alll of these things! No idea what we are doing next week yet!