Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Planner girls gone crazy!

Wow! I first want to apologize I know I said I was going to blog more but these planner girls have gone crazy! Oh and  I love it! I have been crazy busy customizing so many coffee mugs for them. It's been really fun. I sold out of all my black lid coffee mugs and now have a few red lids left. I knew the market needed something for these girls and I am glad they are receiving my mugs well.  

Earlier in the month I even held a mini giveaway (see below) I have gained so many new followers its all really crazy to take in. In some cases I find that I have an immediate connection to some of them. It's really weird - it's as if I knew them for a long time. What's even more crazy is they are all so nice! 

This mug here was designed by a good friend of mine that  met on IG her name is @perlaquintero
her sister owns a clothing boutique. I have also had ladies reach out to me wanting to me to sponsor giveaways on their sites. It's all sometimes a lil over whelming. If I can make it happen I participate. I am learning I have to say no sometimes as it's just me running my show.

Well ladies thanks for letting me share a little glimpse of my work. It's so funny how I look back on my blog years ago and my passion of creating cups with vinyl is still so strong.

Here is a fun fact (or weird) I love the smell of fresh vinyl lol


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