Monday, February 23, 2015

DIY- Just Married Banner

 Hi! Happy Monday! In an effort to blog at least once a week I am bringing you some pictures of a banner I made for my wedding day. I had exactly one day to plan my wedding. My brother in law was fighting stage 4 cancer and he did not want us to be married at his bed side. He got healthy enough to come home and we were able to be married.  I found a dress and cut this banner that morning. Yes- it was all so crazy!
Thanks to my handy dandy cameo... I was able to use it to cut these letters out. It turned out just like I had imagined.
This image here was my inspiration... thank you to @deydey2014 for posting this picture of this sweet couple. I did not use their lettering but thought it was super sweet and simple. (remember I had exactly a day) 

And....... this is us. Those flowers are left over flowers from an engagement party my sweet sisters had for us. I simply took them out of the vase and tied some ribbon around them. The day after my wedding my brother in law went back into the hospital. He lost his fight with cancer. I'm not sure how my husband managed to be so happy on our wedding day when his little brother was so ill. He is so brave and as the days go on I find myself loving him even more.

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  1. hugs Jossie!!! I love the classic look of it all!!

  2. You are gorgeous and a testament to true love...unlike those "bridezillas" out there! ;0)