Monday, December 15, 2014

Blogging is my jam........

Happy December! This month is almost half over! I took a break from blogging to add my new tee to my shop. Here it is!  

This is a screen printed tee. It is special to me because I wanted to create something that means something to us bloggers. It takes a lot to have a blog and maintain it. Even if you only blog once a week or once a month. Bloggers blog because they want to share what they have learned. They blog because they are proud of the things they do or create. So there you have it. I hope the new year brings new ideas and new tees to us crafters.  If you would like to preorder please go here to: Jossie Posie on etsy. This tee is $20 and comes in either Black or White. 

Coffee Mugs are also available 

My Projectlifer tee's are going strong and almost sold out! Thank you to all who have purchased!

Photo by Kellie with her tee and in action. 

ok friends I hope December is treating you good and you get exactly what you want for Christmas. For me I have what I need right under my roof. Love the winter weather and cozy nights with my family.

Peace Love and Blogging is my jam.....