Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Got Coffee? Jossie Posie & Starbuck's Dot Collection is out!

So I am kinda obsessed with 1.  both my die cutting machines 2. coffee (have to have it daily) and 3. Instagram!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my friends it's really horrible. The addiction is strong! So let me combine all addictions in one blog post. Here we go...

This here is a mug  that I am wanting really bad :)  The problem is well I have to live in Taiwan or buy it on Ebay for $52.

That bow! It just screams buy me!

Well you see I can't because after missing out on last year's Starbucks collection I finally won this item on Ebay...

This is Alice & Olivia's mug from last year. Friends this mug goes for $200 on Ebay! Somehow I got lucky and won it for $31 AND IT INCLUDED SHIPPING!  Sorry for the caps I was just too excited! 

So let's talk about this mug below "Oh what fun" - oh I love the saying and well it's gold! This here mug someone posted on IG that they found it at Starbucks inside of Target.  Um naturally I walked into my store and wa- la it was there!  

Ok let's get to that Dot Collection shall we.... 

The cutest GOLD polka dots! 

The hearts did me in! #Need/Want/Bad

There you have it friends please check out my Pinterest account for some more drool worthy photos of other favs!

This guy here... he's my fav coffee drinking partner! 

Oh this well... ya know my Blogging is my Jam mug hit my shop  just the other day! (A must have even if it's just to store pens!)

And my fav "projectlifer" because that is me. I may not get them in to albums until a year later but I do it!   

ok friends on that note I leave you with this picture. Donuts and coffee. I could live off it. I'm dead serious. That lil foot belongs to my lil guy. We love to watch movies together. I don't want him to grow up. I watch what ever he wants as long as it means he sits next to me or on my lap. 

Jossie Posie   


  1. All those cups are so cute...

    Enjoy your little one and watching movies and cuddling!! So Sweet :D

    1. thanks girl - I would give anything to have all my kids be little again!

  2. All those cups are cute, despite the gold. ;0)
    The heart one....are the hearts actually silver? Cuz if they are I could totally overlook the gold trim...maybe! Hahahahahaha!
    Fun post!

    1. Doreen! I just found the heart one and they are silver! This mug could totally be yours! Its such a beautiful mug! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Starbucks just sent me a link to the silver heart cup! How do they know I would like it??? They must be witches! LOL!
      Perhaps I can add it to my Christmas list!

    3. Ha ha you are soo funny! It's so pretty!

  3. Love your cute cups!! I'll be making my way to Target tomorrow ��... Tell us more about your die cutting machines!!! I'm interested in buying one soon hopefully..��

    1. Hi Marlem _ thanks for giving me the idea - I will do a blog post on what I love about each machine soon! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love that new Dot Collection from Starbucks...I want all the mugs! I need your mugs too...so cute :) gosh donuts are my weakness too!!!!!!