Thursday, October 16, 2014


Yes, that's me and any other Bad Ass women doing her thing! A couple months ago I read the book #girlboss and from then on I have been on fire! I have so many ideas and need to let them out! So with that being said here is this blog post. My good friend Linda told me about The #girlboss-foundation. I knew I needed to apply. Sophia Amoruso, the Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal is helping women like me with making our dreams into a reality. If you remember my goal was to design tees & prints and I wanted to do it by September. I'm one month short but happy to report my progress. 

Here is a tee I designed in my writing that was screen printed and is ready to sell! You can find it here JossiePosie . I am beyond excited! I am a Projectlifer and what that means is I document my families life by using pictures. I am preserving my families memories. There is so many women who also document their families life and I hope to target that audience. 

I also plan to target the scrapbooking and planner community. Scrapbooking is such an ugly word and some how someone decided that is what we were called. I do not want to label myself as a "scrapbooker". Scrapbooker is so far from being cool. I hope to bring that "cool factor" with my tees to the market. I love pretty paper, a fancy planner and embellishments. My plan also includes on designing coffee mugs, washi tape, and hand bags. The planner and scrapbook community have been neglected for far too long. I believe my company can grow because so many women LOVE buying pretty stationary. I'm trying to bring glam meets nerd to my tshirt line. My Company is called  Jossie Posie and I currently sell vinyl designs & banners. 

Here are the items I need to make this dream a reality. 

I am hoping the #Girlboss Foundation can see my plans through. With or without them I am going to make it happen. Why you ask? I am a bad ass and I deserve this. My mother died when I was 5. I had no choice but to go sit with my father at his store. I saw the way he treated his customers. I put in the hard work with him. You see I was a girl boss already at the age of  5. My father passed away when I was 12. He was the hardest working man I know. I only know hard work. Watch me now :)

*Thanks for stopping by and looking at my business plan. Please if I have inspired you - go apply for your own business plan with  
**Nothing Can Keep You From Reaching Your Goals**
Jossie Posie 


  1. Awesome, Jossie! You are one of the most passionate crafters I know and your enthusiasm is contagious. I believe in you, girl!;)

    1. Liz you are soo sweet! Thank you for your kind words!

  2. You go, girl boss!!! I love people who go for their goals! Good Luck!!!! You deserve this :D

    1. Linda thank you! Can't stop won't stop! Thank you for always being a friend to hear all my thoughts!

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