Saturday, October 18, 2014

BLOGGING IS MY JAM! (NEW TEE - you need this!)

OK... so I'm excited..... yay!

Happy thoughts turned into this tee... I blog and so do many other women! In fact if you are reading this your probably a blogger! lol Not too many blogger tees out there so I thought this would be perfect! I would love for you to spread the word with any other blogger babes out there!

Check it out!

You can find my shop here: Jossie Posie

OH before you go I need to leave you with this song because I am so fired up!

I finally am creating things that I am proud of!

Please get fired up with me! *** a lil Pit Bull feat John Ryan - FIREBALL!

Jossie Posie


  1. Okay...this is AWESOME! I'm going to share on IG!;)

  2. So super cute!!! Now I have "oh hot damn..." In my head :D. Good luck!!! I wish I could wear white :/