Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pens, Pens and More Pens........

    Hey yall.... it's Saturday! I hope you all are enjoying a lovely weekend. I have many projects I am trying to do around the house this weekend and going to my girlfriend's craft party on Sunday. It's going to be fun!
Today I wanted to tell you about some new pens and my thoughts. I enrolled in yet another Studio Calico class called ... Agenda. Like I needed another class. I wanted to start it with a great pen.

    The pen that is being sold for the class the pilot-frixon-erasable-pen and I purchased it. I also purchased a Uniball Signo 207 in Bold. I compared them both to the extra fine Sharpie. Here are my thoughts.
The winner!

The uniball is just as great as the sharpie in its powerful punch of blackness. The only difference is it glides so smooth on paper! The frixion for me was just ok but I do love the fact you can erase. 

Here is the backside of my page in my notebook.The sharpie tends to show up. So there you have it.
If your lookin for a great pen go for the Retractable Uniball Pen (Bold) .

Let's write!



  1. I've been using gelly roll pens. I like them but they do need to dry a bit. They don't bleed through though.

  2. I currently use a sharpie pen, not a marker, and it writes really well and does not bleed. I have it in 3 colors.
    I also use the SMASH pen from, well the SMASHBOOK company (LOL)! Again a pretty good pen.
    The SMASH pen is a little thicker so I mostly use it for doodling/outling and the sharpie for journaling.
    I've not tried the uniball, but am curious now as to how it would compare to my 2 pens of choice!
    I will probably try to find it when I go searching for that awesome white pen you used on your recent Get Messy pages. A good white pen is something I have never been able to find!
    Thanks for the info!