Monday, September 22, 2014

DIY Chalkboard on Canvas!

It's DIY time! Thanks for stopping by! I'm kinda crazy for upcycling things around my home instead of 
running out to buy. Today's item was this huge art on canvas that I had for over 6 years. It had ran it's course. I originally bought it at Bombay before they closed down their stores. So let's do this!   

THIS WAS BY FAR THE EASIEST project I have ever done! I do need to make banner to hang over and add some pazazz but here she is! I love her! This chalkboard is hanging in my kitchen. I'm lookin forward to putting a menu on their or letting my little guy draw. It's such a fun new piece that everyone in the house can enjoy!

I had my son spray chalk board paint directly on the canvas. We allowed the first coat to dry for 15 minutes. Once it was dry he sprayed another coat.

This here is the canvas after the second coat was going on. We then let is dry for about an hour. Then brought it back into the house. 

Here it is on my wall. I added Target's $1 chalk all over. Still nervous as I thought how easy is this and will it work!? 


I am happy to report - it worked! I wiped the chalk off and began to write "trick or treat". The chalk went on like butta!

Off to make a banner to hang over my giant chalkboard canvas! 



  1. Super Cute!! I love upcycling items :)

  2. Great job! I love upcycling, too! Cool to save a bit of money AND be creative!;)