Monday, September 8, 2014

Armed & Dangerous @ the VINTAGE FAIR! Take a peek!

So this is not what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas type of thing.... us girls were armed and dangerous!
We met at Starbucks at 7am. Coffee and carts in hand we headed off on a treasure hunt!This is our second time attending this fair... we had a game plan! We stuck to the game plan and we pretty much killed it!
This space is huge.. it took us 6 hours to cover the ground but it was so worth it. Sorry for the picture overload but we just had way too much FUN!
Before: Coffee Queens!

Here we are all smiles and super tired! I met all these girls from Instagram. I never thought that an iphone APP would bring me the sweetest friends that I want to know for many years to come. Something about having a hobby that brings you so much joy! Sorry to get sappy but we had crazy fun! We came home with lots of goodies and great deals!

You can visit my crafty friends here:  LindaLiz and Renee

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Jossie Posie 


  1. Oh wow! That does look like "crazy fun"! Lots of smiles! Love it!

  2. So FUN!!! Can't wait for our next field trip! I should have bought that frame...hahaha