Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Scrapbook Expo!

Chello....... today I am sharing some pictures from The Scrapbook Expo in Santa Clara, CA. If you have never gone - you must! Everytime I go I have tons of fun! A bunch of girls meet up and decorate our table and dress up to the theme of the night. The theme for this expo was "carnival" so the only thing that came to mind was clowns. So here is Linda  and I as crafty clowns! 

A picture of my set up at the expo. The two things I am loving now are these new Heidi Swapp  date stamp and mat. The mat is silicon and is heat resistant but not self healing. See that lil date stamp... I drove 45 minutes from home to pick it up. Geeze the things I do when I can not see straight!


Yikes....... let me not forget this amazing new kit by Heidi! If you use your 40% off coupon this kit comes down to 8 buckaroos- Not bad :)  it's so pretty in person and was perfect for my niece's baby shower. I finished 6 pages that day! 
Once I found my groove I was able to tune out the noise and get croppin. So there you have it a little peek into my day!
Jossie Posie

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