Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Print and Cut using my Cameo!

Hi Friends! Today's post was inspired by my niece Marissa. Her babyshower theme is TIFFANY & Co. My niece sent me a picture and asked if I could make her something similar. I was happy she asked because nothing makes me happier than being able to do things for my family. At the same time I was happy I was also afraid. The mommy advice cards she wanted required me to plug in my ...Silhouette Cameo. This is when I started to cringe a lil! Here is my final product and I am happy to report my niece loves them!

I started off looking for an ornament shape in the Silhouette Studio and I found one. I got some great tips from a very sweet IG friend Jessica. One of the tips she gave me is once your words are placed where you want them to go ahead and make the registration marks and hit print. After you print you must take your words off the screen and then send it to the cameo to cut. You do not want your words on your screen or the cameo will want to cut them. The screen above shows where I was able to change my font color.  

Here you can see the registartion marks - those tell the cameo where to cut. I apologize for the bad lighting it was very late at night.  So there you have it as I use this cameo I am starting to find that I actually love it! hmmm and to think I was scared of it! ha! silly me!
*to see the actual image I was trying to replicate you can click here: Lovingly Mine on Etsy  
til next time!
Jossie Posie