Thursday, May 22, 2014

Show Your Work!

Once I read this book I could not put it down.
Every page spoke volumes to me.
I am a new blogger, papercrafter and small buisness owner. I ran across a post on Instagram by +Shanna Noel. Just hearing how she was excited about it made me excited! I immediatly went on to Barnes & Noble (link to book) website and had them text me when I could purchase the book. A very cool feature by the way. About ten minutes later I got a text saying my book was ready and was waiting for me at the counter.
Let me just start by saying this book changed my way of thinking. I always thought to be good at something you must perfect your craft then let it out to the universe. In reading this book Austin Kleon explains in order to be discovered or recognized you must show the process of your craft. It does not matter if it's any good because other crafters will recognize your work. That process alone will lead to a following.
I dont want to give up all the goodies in this book that really hit home for me but I do give it a big fat thumbs up!!!! 
I can't wait to get my hands on his last book "Steal like an Artist". I love the way he says close to the end of the book to share it with someone. I'm going to give this book to my sweet friend Theresa who is a small buisness owner. Who knows she may make it to the top!
A crafty dream.......
Jossie Posie

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  1. Sounds like great inspiration :) can't wait to see more projects