Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How I organize my stamps!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by!
Today I would like to give you a peek at how I decided to organize my stamps. 
I started "scrapbooking" a year ago. My first Project Life kit was purchased from Studio Calico last April and after I opened my kit I was HOOKED!!!

yeah crazy addicting hooked! 
The touch, the feel, the sight of such pretty paper being delivered at my door was an utterly treat!!!

ok let me stop... here we go... first let me give credit to Cathy Vee from Paper Addict. I saw her post on IG and knew it made sense! The hoarder in me said "do NOT take those pretty stamps out of their package!" So I listened but as stamps and stamps kept being delivered to my door I knew I had to make a move. So I followed Cathy's lead....  
let's do this yall.... it took me like 4 hours on National Scrapbook day to realize it was a fail!!!!
My original page protectors were a FAIL! After shopping JoAnns = still nothing could get me a nice look. 
After searching Office Max thanks to my sweet road dog JoAnn aka JoBoogie77 on IG I found the miracle inserts I needed.
Note: the reason I had so much drama with this was because I had my heart set on using a certain three ring binder...
herrrrrrre we go.......
Here is my baby!

How beautiful right!? Trust I hated letting go of the
individual wrappers. I feel free! 

So this is a trading card protector where I put my smaller stamps in. It's a bit smaller than a 3 x4

I can now flip through this album instead of a box where my stamps used to be.

each page is so easy to see what stamp I want to use.

My SC 4x6 strips work great in these page protectors

These trading card pages I found at Office Max for 3.49- not bad right?

These house my larger stamp sets

warning: I did have to cut down on my smaller stamp sets to get it to glide in
and out of the pocket.

Here I used my explore to cut the words out on pink vinyl. Easy peasy!

NEXT on my orginazation list.... my dies! I may even do another
binder for my embossing folders. I really dont have many of either and dont plan on buying
 anymore. At somepoint you have to say... yeah that's enough :)

Thanks for coming to check me out... :)
I hope I have given you some inspiration to let go of those packages!

Craft on my sweet friends!
Jossie Posie      


  1. Love your system Jossie! Looks so well organized and easy to find what you need. That black and white striped binder is so so cute! Thanks for sharing and IG and here!

  2. yay!! that is awesome that you found something that works for you!!! :) Love the binder!

  3. Yay! You finished organizing your stamps! I need you to come over and help me with mine! *lol*