Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blogging for fun?

Blogging for fun?

Bare with me ... this is day three of being sick and I should not be typing anything. no really...

So I am  home with some sort of stomach virus and today my nose decides to run uncontrollably

A lil over a year ago I decided to start blogging. I jumped into the DIY world and thought how cool those blogs are that I follow. I thought... sure I can make one- what the heck it's free! 

So now here I am, with a gazillion craft supplies, die cutters and typewriters! I have found my craft, my passion, my hobby. I never had a hobby before. I spent my entire adult life raising my kids. Their hobbies were my hobbies and I would not have had it any other way. So now what do I do? I  make crafts and blog for fun! I must say this new hobby of mine has lead me to form many new friendships. I am very grateful for it :) 

oh I almost forgot here is my DIY of the day....
sooo I was checking out IG and saw a lovely crafter's pink date stamp holder. It was so pretty and pink... then the wheels started turning. I grabbed my black ugly holder, took it outside and began to use up what was left of the Raskog paint. There she is folks.... my new candy pink roller phrase stamp holder. 
I do NOT advise you to craft when sick...
shhh! don't tell my honey I got candy pink paint on the barbeque pit!    

get your craft face on


  1. I love the pink stamp holder! I think the bbq needs a whole new coat of pink as well! ha ha ha

    Stay crafty! Hope you start feeling well soon

    1. Linda you have me cracking up! hee hee come to think of it yes a candy pink bbq would be soo cute! lol

  2. Love the pink! Hope you feel better!

  3. I love this! Yes, blogging is a fantastic hobby! Glad you have found your fun for YOU! You are an amazing crafter! PS Love your new layout. Feel better, friend!