Friday, February 14, 2014

DIY kiss kiss wrapping paper

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Today I am sharing a little DIY fun.
So I am at work and I need to wrap my honey's Valentine Gift.
I was going to use craft paper which is what we usually wrap out going boxes in but wanted to make my gift cute. I ended up using a white shipping envelope for my project or any white paper will do.
This is my finished project and I must say it was pretty darn cute and cheap! 

Free printable tag was courtsey of 100 Layer Cakelet do ck them out - that little girl is sooo cute!

I started off with a white envelope and unglued each side

I then added my lips on my envelope

And........ here you have it! My little love package!

If you are worried about smearing your lipstick - you can add this step: after you add kiss lips scan your image and print out on your cardstock. I did not care if it smeared because I knew the gift would go straight from my hands to my Valentine's hands to be opened. He loved my wrapping paper and that made me happy :) 

Ok people I wish you much love & sweets today! Please eat plenty for me! Today marks 5 days without suger & carbs...lets just say I wont be eating any sweets today :( but I'm down 4 pounds so that will work!

This picture of Charlie Brown is exactly how I will walk around today...
happy in love just like Charlie Brown!


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