Monday, January 27, 2014

Is taking a screen shot of my daughter's IG pictures stealing?

Hey there Project Lifers!

Today I will show you how I am incorporating my daughter's college life into my 
project life album. Some may say I am stealing her pictures but I prefer to say I am preserving her dorm life. Now that she is gone at school the few glimpses I see of her is on IG. I love all the pictures she post so I screen shot them  with my iPhone. I then print them through Walgreens or with my Selphy. As I was working on this page she happened to be home. She started to flip through pictures and was so happy to see that I printed them. 
This is my daughter - I actually dropped something off to her and got to snap this picture. I did not even know she took up drinking coffee! lol I used the January Scrapbook kit from Studio Calico to embellish this layout. 

That lil bear is her favorite bear named Rebecca. She got her as a gift from her daycare when she was 2. Rebecca got lucky and still holds her spot on her dorm bed. Ladies.... how could I not document this!?

Here she is at her first tailgate and homecoming.  Ok... now you can call me stalker but she told me she was on the schools Facebook page. Um, I had to people - I had to go on the school's Facebook and screen shot it!

Here is my layout and I had so much fun putting it together! The tag sweet dream is embossed and I would love you to come on over to Stuck on U Sketches
The challenge is to add embossing to your project life page- super easy right!?

Thanks for stopping by!

Jossie Posie