Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year! Happy New Start!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an awsome Christmas too!
I love everything about a new year, new month, new week or day!
I am hoping to improve myself as a person. I want to learn more about myself and my craft.
  I appreciate all of you lovely ladies for reading my blog.  

Got my nerd glasses on giving my tired eyes a rest from contacts.

Loved this truthbomb that I found online. It really hit home because why keep what you want a secret!? Let it out! Hoping to go for it this year! I would love to learn:
 -how to use my Cameo and all its features
-master my new Hello Kitty sewing machine
-how to operate Adobe Photoshop
-give my blog a facelift
there... I said it. My secret wishes are no longer a secret!    
Valentines? YES Valentine's Day!
Found these new goodies all under $20 at Target.  

As soon as I got this bad boy home I had to stamp it up! Love it!

Ending with my December Daily Review... fun. It was so fun to capture the month leading up to Christmas.
Def keeping this album out so we can enjoy it yearround!  

The last page my pretty tree with just lights on it.

Happy crafting!

Jossie Posie

Get you're craft on.........