Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Antique Fair Fun! Our Happy Place!

My girfriends and I went down to a craft fair in Alameda, CA.
We had so much fun. I love hanging out with these girls! You can check them out here

Our Happy Place! 

Cheese! This camera came home home with me for $10!

I wish I would of taken a shot of this inside it was soooo cute!

The best icecream shake maker... tested this guy out as soon as I got home! My find $20 

This is horrible I wanted to bring all these stamps home with me. Major addiction I'm trying to control.

Loved everything at this fair.

The vintage Ken & Barbie case w/ dolls ... you ready, $400- yes thats right $400! I hope you girls saved your barbies, you could be sitting on a fortune!   

The original scrapbook :)

So their is my camera, an awsome gumball machine I scored and some baseball trading cards.

My pink vitage suitcase

It's so pretty! I love it!

Found this tiny 1950's toy sewing machine for $10.
I am going to use this as a decorative item once I get my craftroom back in order.
Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Awesome, awesome goodies!! I would definitely have taken all those stamps home. LOL xoxo

  2. I had such a fun time! Can't wait for our next adventure :) You won the negotiation award in our group...Liz and I were like ok, you want that much--here you go ha ha ha. Next time we will have to have negotiate for us ha ha ha!

    1. hahaha I had to negotiate in order to have money to eat! lol