Thursday, September 5, 2013

Scrapbook EXPO!

Hello! JoAnn (Joboogie from IG) and I took some time out to attend the expo in Santa Clara.

This was my second expo that I have attended and I must say they are soo much fun!
I love getting a crop table. You are able to get so much done without interruptions!

JoAnn's travel tote... isnt it the cutest! I need one! I would love it in pink too! I have tried looking online and I am out of luck! boo! 

Here is a peek inside the crop area!

This is what happened after being their a few hours- stuff everywhere!
JoAnn and Corinne! I shared the table with them and they are super sweet ladies!

Look at all those Thirty-One bags! JoAnn is a consultant for them.
You can checkout her website here:

Thanks for stopping by today!

Jossie :)


  1. So sad I missed it! Looks like lots of fun :)

    1. Girl we got to find time to scrap together! soon!

  2. Does that mean Sacramento Scrapbook Expo, here we come?! haha

    Had a great time cropping with you, girlie! We definitely need to get together again!