Friday, September 13, 2013

My Wish List!

                               Is it too early to start a Christmas wishlist!?
               I mean who in their right mind is thinking of CHRISTMAS!?
ME thats who! lol

Take a peek at these dreamy goodies I would love to have!

I promise to ride this bike any chance I get! la la love the pink!

I'm happy to report ... I can cross this off my wish list- I WON this rotary phone off eBay! Can wait to get it!

Hello Kitty does it to me again! I swear I never want to grow up!
I don't even know how to sew ok?
I promise to find out if I get my hand on this machine!
oh ikea! how you kill me! I must go to ikea at least twice a month and never walk out with this gem!

love this! oh I'm so bummed can not find this anywhere online! 

This item oh I blame my instafriend @arcyscraps (Cyndy) for this one. It's a super cute watch that tracks your heartrate and a gazillion other things that I will have to learn once Santa delivers it to me!

What's on your wishlist!?


  1. Love your wishlist...I want a cruiser bike, but I am so afraid of riding bikes because I fear of getting run over! :/

    Love your phone...have you used it? Or is just for decoration?

    I want one of those carts too, but I don't know where I'd put it and (more importantly) I would probably just have to buy more stuff to fill it up ha ha ha.

    Can't wait to search for your globe at the Antique Fair!

    1. Linda! I am so super excited to go the antique fair!! I hope we find god stuff!!

  2. I'm In Loooove with your wish list. Especially the PINK Bike!!! I got to have one of those too. I can see us cruising in that, :)

  3. Oh yea And here is the Tutorial I promised you.

    1. Hi Laura !! thank you for posting this! Can wait to see it! I'm heading over there now!

  4. LOL!!!! I'm sorry :-) but it really is so helpful with keeping track of calories, work out time, and even when you're burning the most calories :-)