Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My love for antiques!

 Antiques & Eclectika 

Loved everything in this store!            

Stumpled on this antique store in my city that I never knew existed!

Tea anyone?

wow I remember having a table like thie when I was younger.

I wanted to take all three of these home with me!

Oh how I love you... globe!

My kind of dresser only $475! wink wink

How cute is this scotch tape container!?

This gumball machine here is what I have my eye on next! I need it!
I did not leave with anything because I had no time to shop but everything was in mint condition! The best part about this shop is its in my town and they will be at an antique show that I am going to on Oct 6th! 

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my new love of antique shopping!


  1. how exciting (and dangerous? ha ha ha) That is a cute gumball machine :)

    1. Get ready Linda!!! we are going to have soo much fun at the antique show!