Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kate Spade Organizer Review

Hello! Today i'm sharing some pictures of my fabulous new organizer.

If you know me you know I always love a bargain. A bargain is what I got! This ringwald pink planner/organizer was regularly $165 and your girl got it for $76! Shipped directly from Kate Spade/NewYork.

Ready for picture overload?

I was so excited had to take a picture of the inside of the box!

Ringwald Pink

Love the touch of GOLD!

Ta Daaa!

Each month has dividers that have a different fun theme.

Sorry for the bad lighting!

I wish you could see the gold foil just pop off the page!

La la love!

I adore that map & polka dot skirt!

So here is one side of the month.

Here is a peek at August

The page after the month is split in weeks 

This is towards the end of planner 

The end of planner.... the leather feels amazing!

Their is a polka dot party in my planner & I love it!

Just wanted to share that this is smaller than my EC planner and so much lighter if you can believe it!

That woudl be me! Thanks for stopping by!
if you would like to get yourself this amazing planner you could do so here: katespade.com
It is on sale for $99 but if you sign up to their website they will give you 15% off!   


  1. great deal! I am so tempted to go back to a paper planner, but I am trying so hard not to buy any of the cute planners out there...I don't need to go back...I don't need to go back...ugh :D


    1. your are funny! what do you use your iphone?
      I am the kind of person that needs to see my cal right smack in my face! lol Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!!

  2. Very cute!!! I'm tempted to go to the Kate Spade outlet and see if it's over there! :)

    1. I went and they only had an orange planner and it was still like 140! Plus you have to stand in a line a half hour long! Thanks for stoppin by!

  3. Omg!!! Everything abt it is beautiful. I love it. I want!!!! :D ♥

  4. Any chance you'd be selling this planner?

    1. Hi I'm sorry for the late reply! I might be selling it soon I will contact you to let you know once I decide - thank you

  5. if you're selling this please contact me! anniexdarling@gmail.com thank you!

  6. Hi Jossie, Do you still have this planner?? Please let me know. I am highly interested. Please contact me if you can at cram162003@yahoo.com or my IG @purses_and_planners. THANK YOU!!!!