Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CHA! Create & Connect! Come Take A Peek!

I had so much fun attending CHA this year!
Craft & Hobby Association is what it stands for and now they are changing it to
Create & Connect!
It's where all the new products are revealed.
We ran into so many Craft Legends!
Look it's Amy showing her new line "Cut & Paste"
Words cant explain how awsome the day was!

I got to meet soo many CrAfTy ladies like Elizabeth Kartchner, Heidi Swap, Maggie Holmes, Allison Kreft, Becky Higgens, Dyan Reaveley, Ann Marie Morris and Kelly Purkey!  

This glitter and mason jars caught my eye!

Loved the bags! Perfect for Valentines!

We had a blast going from booth to booth!! It was like being in a candyshop!

You know Halloween is my FAV!

I really loved the Dear Lizzy booth soooo awsome! She was so sweet and super down to earth! 

That tyrpwriter kept calling me!

Diane Reavley in Action!

Look here... its Tim Holtz!