Thursday, April 25, 2013

Falling in LOVE with Project Life!

This layout I'm sharing today is from my craft party that was back in February.

I was part of a Project Life Tag Swap with @cynthia90 & @arcyscraps 
and these are some of the tags I received. These two girls are very creative and make wonderful cards! 

You can find them here: 

I used one card to journal and added the mustache to it as I had everyone where either a pink or blk mustache :)

I made the banner for my girfriend Sara and I never got around to making one for myself!
So at least I have a picture of it!

I really love the way these journal cards and pictures fit perfect.

Would you like some Hot Pink in your life......?

This lil machine really makes snowcones with just a push of a button!


Here is my Bella enjoying hers!

My new find at typo... finally had a chance to use them.
These are erasable highlighters that are awsome. Found them on the clearance table!
I will post a picture later but def have a lot of plans for these in my near future!

Happy Crafting!

Jossie Posie

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