Thursday, April 11, 2013

Erin Condren Life Planner Review

I'm a little late to the show but definitely ready!

Let's get ORGANIZED!!

In the begining of the year a lot of my insta-friends bought these life planners.
I have to admit they looked awsome!

At the time I was buying all my Cricut cartridges and craft supplies that I just did not see the need to spend $50 on a calendar that I might not use.

So I found myself in March with two cheap calendars and I was very unorganized!

Thanks to my insta-friend Nancy @mini_nans who posted a picture of the great sale that lead me to buy this awsome life planner!

That's me Jossie Posie!

They gave me some free goodies too!

These are stickers (below)

This is the backside of my cover.

First thing I did was write my name! I was just too excited!

Through out the planner there are really nice quotes like this one (below)

Awsome stickers I found at the end 

so many to chose from dr. appt to hair appt (all free)

There is also a marker so that you can flip right to the month you need to be in!

This lil pouch sits at the very end of the planner and they included more personalized notes for me!

I will def keep lil odds and ends in this pouch

Love this one below. I will def order some becasue they gave me a $10 off coupon on my next order! 

Ok so here we go! This is April ... I'm in love! I felt like a kid with a coloring book!
I couldnt wait to get organzied. I started stamping, adding washi and realy looking at how to manage my time better.  

(the other side of april)

So my overall review.... LOVE IT!! 

Do head over to her website these Calendars are marked down from $50 to $30!


  1. Super Cute! I have always been a fan of paper calendars...remember Day Runners? but I have been trying to go digital...although I usually still forget one thing or another :/ Maybe I need to go back to paper!

    I did look to see if I could get my daughter one for next school year, but it looks like they only run from April-December 2013 currently :(

    Do like the 4/20 appointment :D Can't wait!

  2. Oh yeah!! I had to high light that! Sooo excited to hang out with you & Liz again!

    Oh yes I remember those day runners! This planner is very cool! I think towards the end of the year they will start advertising next years cal and they will probably have new designs. Def going to order one for my daughter too! They will be college girls!

  3. Hi Jossie, This is super cute. And for your scrap book I love it.I have sooo many pictures I can put in an album I just got hooked on making cards that I don't make time for my Photos. There all in a plastic container or realllly old albums.LOL... WELL Im glad I came by to see all your Fun Projects! TFS

    1. Laura Hi! Thanks for coming by! I have sooo many boxes with pictures too! I am def going to go back and place them all in albums or smash books. Love to sit their and look at old pictures of my kids.

  4. thank you for the great review and we're thrilled you love your planned... just pinned to our review board, check it out! pinterest/erincondren enjoy!

  5. Wow! Thank you so much for adding my review to your Life Planner Wall of Fame! So excited! I really do love the planner!

  6. Jossie! I am having so much fun reading your blog this morning:-) I love this planner. Great cover choice!

  7. If you are a new Erin Condren customer and are interested in ordering, you can use my link to save $10 off your first purchase (you’ll get a code via e-mail after you register).