Monday, March 18, 2013


Wow I thought I was the only crazy crafter around!? Nope!
I entered the expo and their was a gazillion ladies just like me! hahaha

I wanted to sharer some pictures of the event!

Thats me.... but you knew that! hahaha I did not want to leave until I won something!

These are my new crafty-insta-friends that I met from Instagram! They invited me to come crop with them at their table. We had LOADS of FUN!
Below are Kristin, Linda & Liz
I would have never met these girls if it wasn't for Instagram- so thank you Instagram!!

Look at Miss Kriss! We had such fun! 

Below is the sweetest package I rcvd from Liz! Everything was cute!!

Now these ladies here where going to craft til midnight on froday and walk back in at 8am on saturday!

Hey who's in the Michael's Booth!? ME!

I dont think I shared this yet online... I am the new scrapbook instructor for Michael's in Dublin!
I worked the booth on Friday and got to meet lots of crafty ladies!
Below is Stephanie the owner of Stamps of Life. She was really super sweet!

Here I am at a open house for Michael's

Now I would like to share some personal info about me...
This is my 21 year old son and he moved out on his own about 1 year ago. I miss him everyday but am so happy he is being his own man. - love it! 
here is his new baby... his new car! Yay! 

These lovely flowers came as a surpise from my sweet boyfriend!
This is me at the good ol Court of Appeal where I spend my days making sure
justice gets done!

Oh hi! This is us at Papersource in San Jose....  love love love this store!

Below is a quick bottle I made for my sweet cousin Ruby.

Wow sorry I had to cram all that in one post! Things are pretty crazy now that I have taken up teaching at Michael's.  Thank you my crafty friends for stopping by! 
peace, love and crrrrafts! 


  1. Hey girlie!
    I am SO glad that you did indeed come by!
    I actually saw you at the Expo on Friday. You were busy and there were a few people around and I was lost from my friends I came with so I didn't butt in and say..."hey, remember me?" Now I wish I did! =)
    First off, how on earth you can mathematically have a 21 year old is beyond me! LOL!
    But I'm so glad you came by my blog and stopped in!


    (p.s. followed you on Google+ before I was able to figure out where to find your blog, I don't really do anything on there though so glad to found you here!)

    1. Hi Leah! To be honest I do not do much on google plus either! lol Not sure how my account is attached but anyway Yes so glad you found me and that I took your blog down! Hopefully we will run into eachother again at Michael's!

  2. It was nice to meet you! Next time maybe we will get more crafting done :)