Monday, February 11, 2013

My Valentine Craft Party!

Hi Crafters!
This is me with my PINK stache lol
I thought it would be funny to surprise my guests this year with doing somethin a lil different.
So every year I invite my sisters and their kids to make valentine crafts. 
Take a peek at this year's party....... 

I found these lovely lips & mustache toppers at Target
My daughter Reyna made funfetti cupcakes for the party.

Meet my niece Ashley.... She is more like my little sister than my niece :)
So happy she came ontime lol to help me dip chocolate covered strawberries.  
My family is always late so it was perfect.

I let the guests also decorate their own cookies

Made with love ... By Ashley

So I bought these straws from Micheals and knew they would be perfect for the party!
Pink Moscato & a splash of club soda  

This is how the party started messy but fun!

Meet Malia - my tiniest crafter... this card was for her Mama 

Here my guests are ... being silly ofcourse

and now to the cards.....

love love this cupcake stamp

notice the use of the love date stamp!

My lil Isabella made this card for me :)

Loved all the cards...

I did not get a chance to make cards because I was being the hostess

My Godson even came to make his little GF a valentine card!

So glad my guests took advantage of my new stamps

My two tiny crafters tired after the party. 
Showered and sharing a blanket to watch some cartoons. 
love them...   

Hope you enjoyed my lil Valentine Craft Party...until next year!
I hope I have inspired you to get your friends & family to get CRRRRafty!


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  1. That looks like a fun party! I'm so glad that you and your guests enjoyed the new stamps. Everything looks super yummy!!!

    Blessings my dear!