Monday, February 4, 2013


Howdy Crafters!
 Before I left on vacation to Hawaii I was in Michael's 
and got suckered into buying a SMASHBOOK!
I know right!? Another craft item to keep track of! 
I could not pass it up my Micheals had the kit for $12! 
Take a look below and see all the goodies it came with! 

So I decided hey I can SMASH about my vacation! I knew I wanted to take some stuff to craft
but the plane ride is as far as my crafting abilities went! What was I thinking!?

This is what I started on the plane below...

I had some washi tape so I filled in the blanks and started to write.

I took a picture of the Smash Pen because it's AWSOME!
This pen has a blk fine point at one end and the other is GLUE!!
Yes, glue stick on the other end! How awsome is that!?

This was my baby cracking up watching tv on the plane.  

Some fun we had burrying him in the sand

My family minus my oldest son and my boyfriends oldest daughter (below)

I forgot my camera so my iphone had to do.
Look at this beautiful rainbow :)

A water fall we caught on our last day of sightseeing.

Thanks for stopping by! I promise to get crafty this week!

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