Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Addicted to Vinyl.......

Addicted to vinyl ........? (dont laugh)

I'm serious........ I am! 

I see it on the shelves I'm like immediatly drawn to it! 
hahaha ok ok you can laugh now

but really If I see a sale I'm buying it infact I have way too much vinyl at home :)

Over this holiday weekend I made 19 water bottles for Foothill High Schools soccer team. 

Take a look...    

I really enjoy working with vinyl. I can do anything with it.

It's when I get a challange of papercrafts that I get freaked out!

So here is another bottle I made this morning for a customer who is gifting this to a girl on St. Mary's College Basket ball team.

I made this in less than 20 minutes. 

I really liked the way it came out and so did my customer. 

ok so now on to papercrafting! Yikes right!? 

These tags are from some great insta-friends off instagram...

These tags are also from a Project Life Swap I joined...

And below is a Valentine Theme card swap I was in...
The pressure is on when being creative and coming up with a design but then there is such a rush of excitement when you get that envelope with all this handmade good stuff!!

Last but not least... these awsome goodies I found off the bearyscrap website all for under $10! DEAL!!

Oh my I almost forgot look at all this GOOD STUFF from Heidi Swapp!! There was so much stuff at Michael's to choose from and this is what made it in my basket.
I figured I could use this on my Project Life. My next run I'm def getting the mist! 

Craft On my people :)



  1. Lol your title is so true but hey your good at it :0)

    Awesome projects sweets...

    See you on IG


  2. Jossie,
    How cute?!?!? Addiction to vinyl... that's how I am with shopping! Cute water bottles btw. I've never used my Cricut to cut vinyl, I'm thinking it's easy?!?!?!
    Happy Crafting

    1. Hi Mina
      YES! super easy! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I have not tried it yet but I have some. I think it scares me! Is there a trick to it? do you glue it on after cutting it? thanks for sharing. I just might take the plunge and try it!

    1. Hi Kathryn! Hope you had an awsome birthday!! Vinyl is super easy to cut and its aleready self adhesive. So you just cut your image and peel it off and stick it where ever you like... WARNING it's super addictive! Thanks for stopping by! I will have to ck you out too!

  4. I would love to try working with vinyl. Looks like you can make some cool items. Just like your bottles. I love the idea of creating the water bottles for a Team. And your cards are super cute! TFS

    1. Hi Laura!
      Thank you! Also a thank you for stopping by! I the same adore the way you come up with great cards!!