Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentine's Day Wall Art made by my Cricut & I!

Hey Hi there! Soo excited to share this Valentine's Day Art with you guys!
 I made this last night and am so happy the way it turned out.
I knew I wanted to make something with this phrase & this cute lil owl.

Side shot :)

Close up

My insta-friend Cyndy told me about these awsome pens and I tried them out on my heart and I'm in LOVE!
Please ck out her blog here:

You can see all the fun cards she makes with such great detail.

This heart looks like I literally stiitched it! Nope! Sure did not! No sir - just a pen!  

ok so....... Now on to my Beautiful heart that I embossed with my Cuttlebug :)

look I just about fell over when I realized the heart would not fit through. No fears I just folded the heart and ran the bottom through.

This is the end result! (below)

Another heart here I made for my girlfriend Sara....
I actually was upset because this was my third attempt and I could not get my vinyl to line up right.
I ended up free- handwriting it. So yeah... thats my writing not the best but hey she liked it! Yay! 

So before she left I made myself one!

Below are some punches I bought and a heat tool that i had been dying to buy! 50% off  at Michaels this week! Score!

Ok my crafty-peeps hang tight til next time!



  1. Very adorable! Which cartridge is the owl from?

    1. Hey Linda! Thanks! The owl is from the create a critter (#1) I dont own the #2 yet! lol

  2. Great always!!

    (this is mini_nans from instagram :) )

    1. Ofcourse I know you! My sweet insta- Amiga ! Thank you always for your great support !!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you!!! I will def follow you back! Good to see you on the blog world ! Can't wait to ck you out!

  4. Super cute!! Love'em all. Wow and your writing is perfect never would of notice until you said something. I really need a cricut.TFS

  5. I got embossing powder & the pigment ink the other day. Now I just need more stamps and the embossinf heater/blower. :)