Friday, January 18, 2013

My Cricut Valentine Art & Goodies

Hey there Crafty People!

I have been super busy! Ofcourse all by choice!
I am still decorating away for my house and my friend Sara :)
Below I made her some Valentine Wall Art
using my CRICUT!
This is actually 2 sheets of red cardstock (8.5 x 11 in)
that I taped in the back to creat a bigger background.

I cut out all my letters in different fonts and glued them with my ATG
the smaller fonts I used my handy dandy Xyron

and this is what it looked like once I was finished!

below is a V that I got from Joann's they are unfinsished letters so I added some RED for Love
I also framed a glittered heart on white cardstock.
I love to Jazz up the place for each holiday to make it fun for my kids... and me too!

I also cut some vinyl letters out with my cricut to make my plain mailbox looks so cute! 

I decorated both sides and added some WASHI TAPE! ha I found another way to washi!

OMG I LOVE this frame below as soon as I laid my eyes on it! I knew this art was coming home with me!

I also added these lovebirds to my Valentine decorations.

Ok so if you follow me on instagram you know this Valentine Date Stamp from Target was a HOT ITEM!

Found one to add to my collection :)

Below is a Valentine Cup I made for one of my insta-friends!

I also made this for my Sister Alma as a birthday gift!

Below is a new (with tags on) apron I found at a thrift store when I
was looking for antique Valentine decor 

Take a peek at this super cute paper and stamps I scored for $20!
Can't wait to make my Valentine cards! 

Ok so these puppies took me a while! I made ten of these wine glasses for an anniversary party.  

50 years of marriage! Isnt that GRRREAT!

If you know me then you also know I looooooove
to pretend I paint hahaha  

found this at Joann's but needed it Cricut green for my craft room so I had to spruce it up!

This glass I made for my GF Sonya!

Below are some more cups I made over the holidays

This is me with no makeup! hahaha I hope I did not scare you!

Thanks for stopping by Craft A Lot? Love that you came by! What have you made for Valentines day!? Please Share! 


  1. OKay, I'm trying to leave a comment on this post. I had a pretty long comment and it gave me an error. I hope this works. So I will keep it short...

    Love the decor and your creations. You do an awesome work with Vinyl!! Can't wait to see your creations using our stamps. See you on IG



    1. Catarina thank you for stopping by and for the Awsome package !! I loved all of it! I have been stamping all my mail going out w your stamps !!!

  2. you look gorgeous with and without makeup, jossie! No scare here! LOL The anniversary glass looks super good and classy!