Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cuttlebug LOVE...

Hi Crafters! I was so scared to use this! I went online looked at some you tube videos of other crafters demonstrating it. I was intimidated by the order of the plates.  I was a wreck!

The Cuttlebug is the easiest crafty machine around!!!!

Let me show you how easy this lil guy is to use!

Here is my cuttlebug as soon as you open it suctions to your desktop

My BLANK card

I knew I wanted this tree on my card. This tree is from the Teresa Collins Christmas cart. 

This is my white piece of cardstock in between 2 B plates

I snapped this picture as I was rolling the handle and the plates where going through. EASY!
It was so easy to get the plates to glide through. I did not have to use any pressure.   

Look! I embossed my first piece of cardstock! (I took a break to dance at this point)

This wreath is also from the teresa Collins cart.

These are the items I had in mind when I was thinking of how to design my card.

Yay! Here it is! I love it! :)

I used the Scotch adhesive dots to make the tree and wreath stand out

I hope you like my card! I'm pretty proud of it!

This is my cubical at work. When I am not in a court session this is my home away from home. 
I know what your thinking? Why is it not crafty looking? We got new carpeting and we had to box everything up. I just dont have the heart to unpack now. I rather CRAFT! 

Thanks for stopping by!
Your crafty friend - Jossie  

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  1. I know we've come a long way from the cuttlebugs but I think the machine is so cute, It reminds me of a purse, I was tempted to buy one at the thrift store but I have 2 big shots, a sidekick and a silhouette I said to myself...Self! walk away from the cuttlebug! and that is story time with row. I really need to make more cards. My SIL just told me last night she expects a handmade card for Christmas :::no pressure::: lol Happy Crafting!