Monday, December 17, 2012

Cricut Adhesive Transfer Tutorial

Hi My Crafty Friends! Today I will show you how I use the Cricut Adhesive Transfer Tape to help transfer my vinyl images.

So you want to cut your images out with your Cricut.
I used my new HELLO KITTY Greetings cartridge. 
( I love love love this cart!)

Below is the image of what the Cricut transfer adhesive looks like.


Here is my image I just need to add the bow and the nose.

Once my image is cut, I place the Cricut adhesive transfer tape over my image. (see below) 

Once the tape is on my image I use my cricut tool to go over the image to allow the image to transfer on to the transfer tape. 

Below I now have my image on my water bottle.

Once it is on, I use my Cricut tool to go over the image and smooth out any air bubbles.

Once you have smoothed out the image on your product you can remove the adhesive and your image will stay like my pictures pictures below!

A few more other items I use Cricut adhesive transfer paper on...

I hope you found this useful as this helps to get your image transferred over to your final product.
No more guessing if you have added it straight. This paper does it for you!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Hello Josie, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I love your designs on your glass/mugs/bottles. There perfect!! TFS

  2. Great job Jossie!!! Your really great at what you you have a template for the zebra print?

    1. Hi Meshia I bought the water bottle with the zebra print on it. I only added the HK image. Thanks for visiting and your lovely comments!

  3. You make me wish I had a cricut, I went with the silhouette portrait because at the time I wanted it more for planning than anything. and now its sadly mostly collecting dust. it frustrated me and I gave up too soon. I didn't put it back in the box because I always think I'm going to keep trying and then I sigh thinking Im not willing to waste a day and be frustrated lol