Friday, November 23, 2012

Vinyl Tutorial

Hi Crafters!
In this post I will show you how I added vinyl to my office chair.
 I chose my color vinyl.
I place my vinyl down on my mat

I select and load my cartridge. I am using "Cuttin Up"
I select the font, letters and size  

My cricut starts workin it's magic! (below)

I now tear off my vinyl and the letters stay on my mat.
(I suppose you could use "kisscut" but I have never tried)

I use my cricut tools to get the vinyl to lift.

From there I simply place each letter from the mat to where you will place your vinyl
Here I am attaching it to my office chair.
Waaaa Laaa.... here it is!

I love the way it came out looks "fun" to me
and thats what I hope to do in this room once I'm finished with it!
I hope you where able to follow along if not feel free to leave comments and I will certainly get back to you!

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  1. its so funny that style of cricut looks so foreign to me. crafting is so fun!