Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Got Vinyl?

So my other obession is VINYL! Since I got my Cricut I have been going crazy with personalizing everything for my family!

Class of 2013 Mug

Christmas Tumbler 

Baby Sippy Cup

Ninja Tumbler

Sports Cooler

Evil Coffee Mugs

Nike Water Bottles

Water Bottles


Tumblers for Teachers

Dia de Los Muertos
These also make excellent gifts for Christmas! Cheap and fun to make!!


  1. Cute! How does the vinyl hold up after washing?

    1. So far they have all held up but you def don't want to put the cups in dishwasher. If you like you can add a couple of coats of mod podge for an extra adhesive. I did that on the Ninja tumbler and the Minnie water bottles. My niece has a coffee mug and an e came off on her name. I think because the coffee mugs are very smooth. I cut out a new e for her but other than that so far so good!

  2. Where do you put the modpodge--over the vinyl image or in the back like an adhesive?

    1. Hi Nancy! thanks for checking out my blog! Yes, I place it over the vinyl.

  3. love love love .. ALL of them! those dancing ones are so cute. wish i could do some for thurs when we go to Disney :)