Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Let's Party! Paperless Post Online Invites!

I had the pleasure of trying out Paperless Post to make my daughter's graduation invitations. Paperless Post is an online invitation, card and flyer company. They offer so many pre-made templates. It was really simple to do! I started out with taking photos of the girls at their separate graduations then had them pose together with this invite in mind.  My oldest daughter just graduated from the University and my younger daughter graduated from High School. I blurred out the location to protect my kids privacy but I assure you that the invite was lovely!
I was able to email my guests and call it a day! Everything was done online! See below as I attached a video of the online invitation. I wanted to give you an idea of how this invite pops out of the envelope!

My two graduates plus my older daughter's baby. Technically she also graduated from the  Universities onsite daycare facility.  

Click on the arrow below and watch this invite come to life!

The cakes were from Whole Foods  and were super delicious!

This is my family. We will miss Bella as she now leaves us to the university. 

We ended the party with some color fun! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Jossie Posie 

*These are my true feelings on my review of invites through Paperless Post go check them out! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Scrapbook Layout with Stitching!

Ok let me start off by saying I love love love layouts with so much detail BUT..... that is not my style. I wanted to try it so LAST summer I cut out this unicorn outline to try some stitching. Ok it took me forever! All joking aside I loved the way it turned out. Now if you know me I always have way too many ideas running in my mind at once. So yeah pretty much I stitched and let it sit. Out of sight out of mind type of thing. 
So fast forward to this summer it was my G-babies birthday and I wrapped her Peppa Pig bike in this cute glittery unicorn wrapping paper. This is how it came out!

See my stitching :) hee hee I should give it a go again this year or better yet bust out my sewing machine!! (that's another post) 

I used Martha Stewart washi, cute girl embellishments by Crate Paper and threw in some old Dear Lizzy i had laying around.  

The pictures were printed with my instax share and the doilie is also from Martha Stewart. 

It felt so good to actually make a layout plus knowing that this stitched unicorn was going to get a home really made me happy.   

If you are new to scrapbooking or interested in making a YouTube channel please come watch my process on making this layout. 

Click on the below photo to begin!

Thanks for coming by!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Giveaway over at Jones Design Company!

Hey friends....

Just wanted to share a sweet giveaway from a fellow blogger I have been following for years now!

I have purchased Emily's class on graphic design  and purchased sets of her lovely striped towels.
I love her style and her knowledge. So let me get to the giveaway! hahaha

Click on the link below and enter!

I am dying to get my hands on this book but just have not broke down to buy it.  I told myself I would not buy another cook book until I cook something from the last book I book I bought. I think it was Chrissy Tiegens cookbook.

So there you have it.    

Jones Design Company giveaway!

Enter and check her out for yourself - she's pretty dope!
Amazing water color skills and I love her freebie watercolor prints.

Good luck everyone!

Here is my small haul from the Magnolia line at target... I also promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore because these shelves are pretty full!

Peace, love, and pretty paper!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

100 Day Project are you feeling it!?

So today is 19th day of my 100 day project....
What is it you ask??

It all started with instagram for me lol
I follow a lady who posted she was going to start this 100 day project. Her name is Laura and she blogs here:
100 Day project - laurel and fern

I was so intrigued as I kept seeing more and more ladies post that they were in.
So after some investigating I found the original content creator of this movement here:
The 100 day project

So basically you do something creative for 100 days straight and make up a hashtag on IG to keep track.

I chose to do something crafty everyday! It can be big or small but to do something. I started with unfinished projects. Oh with a catch that IF I didn't do something crafty I made sure to work out that day.

So let's see what I have been up to! 

started off with a poll on what paint color to choose for my album that I needed to start and finish for a studio calico class.

got to painting 

and this is what my first ring mini album cover looks like (I will share more details later on the finished album)

finished my March one little word.... blogged about and uploaded a YouTube!

opened this guy up and made the tiniest envelope! 

Gave away some planner tees I had left just sitting in a box at home. 
I hope these ladies love them! 

organized my thickers 

organized some new purchases from HSN & We R Memory Keepers!

Purchased and built this unit with the help of my son from Michael's
it's fits perfect under one of my craft-room desks.
Filling it up will be next. 

So there you have it crafting or organizing or exercising is my jam on this next 100 days!

Did you join or it's not to late to start!   

Jossie Posie 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

March One Little Word -ya still with me peeps!?

Yes-- March came and went and here is a recap of what I did and how I reflected on my word.

Let's ch ch check it out!

My main focus was working out and getting better connected with the good man above. 

This girl is my coworker and she makes my job and working out so much more fun! I cherish her!

Wait and she's my photographer! lol,

In March we also got to go to my hubby's first movie premier. 
It was crazy insane to his name on the big screen. 
The movie was called Marcianos vs. Mexicanos.
I pray it does well in Latin America and that it will hit the big screens here in the US.   

My last page are my reflections of the month. 

I also have a tiny clip of my #olw album here: 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy #olw if you are following along! 
By this time last year I had already fell of the project! So happy to be here celebrating and
reflecting on my word "Grace".

Jossie Posie