Thursday, October 3, 2019

October Daily Prep!

Ok my sweet ghouls... to October daily prep or not?
Really it doesn't matter! I've made an Oct. daily now for 4 years and never prepped.

This year I did and I am pretty thankful I did! Ive been sick since Oct. 1st! Yes woke up with a sore throat, body aches the whole bit. October opened up with a big BOO! Today is day 3 and I have not touched my album. I've made sure to take pictures but that is about it! So am I happy I prepped - YES! Hoping to get well and get to my desk this weekend. Now If I was smart... I would have done the first few days with just pictures of my house BUT I was really trying to start off the project being authentic.  

So let get to my prepped album shall we?

look how pretty they all looked lined up!

I was feeling batty!

My intro magic crystal shaker ball!

I couldn't leave a Frankie cut out!

The back side of my shaker.

A tiny shaker pocket to start the party!

The inside pocket where I plan to keep bits of the month. 

Thanks for making all the way through!
Happy Boo to you!

Jossie Posie 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

We all screamed Pumpkin Everythang!! Happy October!

My sweet crafty friends! Happy October! I have been busy getting my house ready for lots of movie nights and crafting with my family. I love this time of year because its cold out and I find that we are all home together. We watch movies, we craft and we cook! I wanted to share a few pictures of how I have started prepping at home!

I bring our my halloween collection of mugs.

Prep my October Daily Album.

Make spooky treats with kids.

Send and receive Halloween Happy Mail. This lovely collection is by Dearly Dee

Here my son surprised and made me these jack o lantern stuffed bell peppers!

They were so super yummy! 

Gave my shelf some halloween loving!

Made this adorable felt banner. 

Added a spooky village to my tv cabinet and the night sky on top.

 I also gave my craft room a spooky makeover!

What traditions do you like to do during fall?  I pretty much celebrate everyday because I choose to be happy. I want my kids to grow up and remember how magical life is. Within my home we create magic moments. I love to capture them with pictures! I would love for you to come on by my You Tube channel and check out my 
Spooky Mug Collection: 

My October Daily Prep: 


My Halloween craft Desk: 


Thanks for stopping by!
Jossie Posie

Friday, September 6, 2019

Happy September! I think you are magic!

      My sweet crafty friends! Hello! I have not created a blog post since July! I wish I could say I was out having a grand time but the truth is I have been on stress leave! I don't like to post heavy topics here but I feel like I need to get it off my chest. Things got so bad that I just could not be at work. I mentally could not take the bullying I was receiving.

       Here is where I want to tell you "it is ok to not be ok".

    I did not craft all summer! I miss not being at work and doing what I love. On that note today I am bringing you some pages out of my planner.

I am using the "all heart" collection  in my planner to remind myself  "yo go girl".

I love opening my planner and seeing this shaker card and the reminder of magic!

This quote is what my coworker and friend told me on one of our tough days at work. 

Layering embellishments is so soothing! I dare you to try it!

Until next time sweet friends! Keep on crafting!
Jossie Posie

Thursday, July 11, 2019

DIY Prayer Journal

DIY Prayer Journal... where do I start?

So a few years back I along with everyone else in the craft community watched as so many women started painting in their bible. Now I just could not bring myself to do that but some pictures were very pretty. I mean this just took off!

So I watched and admired from a far.

I then saw the Reset Girl  make a binder of her own and it called me! A place where I could worship on my own and I wouldn't  be actually painting in my bible.

I was so excited and my heart was so happy to gather pictures of my favorite people and have them right next to god.  I pull this binder out and add to it when it calls me.

Let me show you some pictures...

I created sections for each family members,  different causes or people I wanted to pray for. 

Thanks for letting me share my prayer journal with you. I find comfort in it every time I think about it. 

I also made a YouTube video on my prayer journal. I would love for you to watch it!

Jossie Posie

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Bullet Journal Say Wha!?

Hey my sweet crafty friends! I decided today was the day... to update the good ol blog with my bullet journal! Yes, I am still going strong!

I think I left off here in April... sorry for being MIA but lots happening in my work life.
Let's just say sometimes its over whelming and down right depressing!!

Crazy right? I mean the work place should be drama free get your work done and go home.
I am trying to be positive and this journal is helping me cope with the hostile work environment I find myself in.

So let's take a look see shall we?

I saved this bag from lunch and docketed my gf and I... 

printed us out on regular printer paper 

documenting 4th of July with KP's free printables 

the stamp that looks down right fun...

the pool that I need to own...

capturing my lunch date ...


Notes I took in a make up class...

last but not least a lil lettering :)

Not the best lighting but I wanted to share these pages with you. This 5 dollar Michael's bullet journal helps me be creative.  I would love to get back into project life and scrapbooking layouts on a 
12 x 12. Going to have to add that to my monthly goals.    
What do you find that helps you get creative?

Jossie Posie