Thursday, April 20, 2017

Punch it out!

Hey babes! I'm here with another collection.
This collection is my hand held hole punch collection.
Look its a pretty rainbow!

These punches here I use for banners and making tags.
I won that huge We R Memory one from my sweet friend Amber from Damasklove.
The other have all been purchased at either JoAnn's or Micheal's craft store.
As you can see they come in all different shape sizes.

I think my fav would have to be the white handled cross it reminds me of a cross stitch.
I like punching something different than just a circle.

Well that's it for today thanks for stopping by!
Ha! Don't worry I have a few more  collections to go before I can actually start crafting!

Peace, Love and pay-pa!  

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hole Punch Collection!

Meet my collection of hole punches... I just enjoy looking them! Ha! No I collect these because I like to make notebooks or add to my planners at home. I find that it's easier to make your own inserts than have to buy them, remember I'm a big DIY-er!  

Here's a side view... I think my favorite is the Heidi Swapp two whole punch because I always seem to go for it the most. The last two years I have used HS christmas albums so it comes in handy!
I def feel like I need to spray paint one of these pink haha!    

What's your fav punch and what do you make with it!?

Thanks for stopping by!
Jossie Posie  

Scissors Scissors Scissors!!

Scissors well what can I say I use a pair of scissors almost everyday. At work, in the kitchen and getting my craft on. I love a good pair of sharp scissors! My first pair of scissors was my Fiskars. I loved that I felt like a true scarpbooker haha. In crafting I then realized well you can't use regular scissors on fabric so I needed some fabric scissors and thats how my collection grew!   
So every week I am trying to post a picture of the collections I have. I actually took this picture within 10 minutes of laying them down. I was rushed as I had to leave on time to get to work. So here is the other picture I took...

And... the first picture won! Look who reposted, MY GIRL MARTHA STEWART! 
I could not believe! I woke up to see this notification from Martha! I had to screen shot it and since I'm a memory keeper I will be making a layout with this! Take a peep!

I love love everything she wrote! She's my idol! It really makes me feel good about all the little silly things I do. My Kids were so shocked! Just to see their reactions was gold!  

So yes... I will continue to post a whole bunch of silly crafty things that make my heart happy!

I promise more collections to follow!

Jossie Posie 

Pocket Printer Collection

My pocket printer collection...
Why do I have so many?? Well I have been collecting these since I started scrapbooking back in 2012. The selphy was my first purchase and I have to say it's still a favorite. Out of all these it will give me a 4x6 photo and can print as tiny as a 2x2 so it does it all!

I then purchased the Zink Happy which works similar to the HP Sprocket. They both use zero ink technology. They also both print with adhesive backing which makes it so easy to scrapbook!

The Instax pink camera is a snap and go camera. The only thing with this one is once you print that is it you don't know what it will look like until the polariod comes out. I MESSED UP A LOT OF FILM ON THIS! So that's why I purchased the instax printer which you can print from your phone but with the option of adding filters so you get a great print every time. No more wasting film!

So yeah - thats my printer collection and I do not feel the need to add another single printer!

Thanks for letting me share!


Friday, March 3, 2017

Letterfolk! Vintage Signs!

Hey babes!
I finally got my hands on a pink felt board! I searched and could not bring my self to spend 100 on a sign! I almost considered doing a DIY but just didn't find the time! After months of searching I came across this pink felt letterboard!
My pink loving heart is so happy! 

So here's the deets: This board was $47.50 plus free shipping! 
It came with the attached alphabet and numbers.  Shipping was lightening fast! Customer service was excellent!

You can find it here at Alphabet Signs take a look see they have tons of stuff for your lettering needs!

Thanks for stopping by!

Be on the look out for more posts with this pink babe!


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Workspace Wednesday! Phone Collection!

You girls I'm a day late .... but here it is! My second collection of crap I don't need but have! This collection started off because I just NEEDED a pink retro phone! HERE WE GO ... let's see
 So yeah my sister also found one for me so now I have two! One the tall pay phone one actually works and we use it in our kitchen!
I love each one and I honestly don't feel like I need another the phone so this collection
is closed! Done! Finitto! Finatto!  
So look they are so pretty and especially love them for decorating or just as props in my silly instagram photos!

So yeah that's it! My retro/vintage phone collection.

- both pink phones found at antique fairs
-black phone found at thrift store
-aqua rotarty found on eBay
Peace, love and pretty paper!!
See you next Wednesday with a new collection!
WHAT do you collect!? 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Collecting: What do you collect?

What up peeps!!? Today I am here because I wanted to share a few of my collections with you. Laugh if you must but somehow I have found myself with quite a few collections. I am going to be sharing my collections with you here on my blog and on my instagram. First up are these beauties!

I started collecting these roller stamps back in 2012 when I discovered instagram and how there was so many women who loved pretty paper as much as I did! So let me show you the madness...
Um if you read my blog you know my fav color is PINK! So naturally I needed pink holders for these beauties!

These here below do not have a home yet! As you can see in this last post all of them had homes.

What do I do with these you ask... well nothing! hahaha I'm kidding! I use these in my planners, my scrapbook layouts, my kids school projects and tags for gifts. They are tiny enough just to add that lil extra to any project. Oh wait most importantly some of these are dates stamps so those are a must!! I have one that goes back to 1967! I purchased that at an antique fair because it was my husbands birth year. These all hold a special place in my heart as this was my first collection and reminds me of falling in love with memory keeping!    

So as years have passed I am more selective as to which new roller stamps I am adding to my collection. A lot of companies are pretty much using the same phrases and let's face it this madness should stop! HA!  So yeah this is my collection. I usually remove the seasonal stamps and  they have a home with my other seasonal papers. Oh I forgot ... I did this because I wanted to see what my total was. My total is 89!
I'll be back next Wednesday with a new collection of items I would like to share. Follow along I would love to see what you collect! How many do you own!?
You can use #scrapbookersunite on the gram!
Peace, love and pretty paper!!