Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#Plan: Get your fitness on with MAMBI

Hey Hi! So I have been MIA trying to get my fitness on!
With that I am here to show you yes- my NEW planner! lol
I know you are probably thinking another damn planner :)

hahaha yessss! #buyalltheplanners

This one is different! My sweet friend Teresa gifted me this planner. I was searching high and low but the original fitness planner was only being sold on ebay for $100! Yeah pretty crazy right! lets take a look at her ...   

So here are the covers and what I la la love about this planner is you can change them! I see some DIY covers coming along soon!
In this second picture you will see the heart of this planner.  

Look at these rings... I was really unsure about the whole MAMBI planner because I had no clue how   it worked.

The planner kit also comes with lots of date / month stickers to fill up your planner.

Those cute rings... here they go! So so easy to just connect everything. It's like a puzzle! So easy and fast!

Look at this beauty!

Here is the inside, it is blank and just waiting for you to fill everything in.  

Loving the food/ exercise log. I really need to be held accountable and I am just 
hoping to stay more on track using this planner.  

Oh ok... check this out. Who doesn't like a quick selfie!!?

Each divider has an awesome quote.

Lastly this awesome pen holder is bomb. I love that I won't have to search for a pen.  

Ok peeps, that's it for today. I can't wait to get started. Once I move in and get my dates down I will be sure to follow up with a blogpost.  Maybe I can combine my love for pretty paper and excersize somehow.    

Oh don't go yet!>>> get your extension pack here: MAMBI Fitness Extension Pack


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine Shopkins DIY tags!

Hi My loves...... Happy almost Valentines!!!

So my sweet granddaughter asked me to help her come up with some tags for her Valentine treat bags... The Mission: FIND SHOPKINS VALENTINE CARDS WAS UNDER WAY!

My first search was to go to all Targets in my area well because Target has everything.
My results: No Shopkins!

My second search... the good ol world wide web!
My results: Free Printables from @sippycupmom

Yay! My search was over!!
Mission completed....

Once I printed my free printable I started off cutting out by hand the circles.

I then went to my cameo and found these perfect heart tags. 

Once all my valentine printable's 
 were cut I glued them onto my tags. I also added tiny labels that read xoxo Malia. Easy Peasy!

I had several people ask on Instagram how I made these so here is my go to post. Don't forget you can do this with any theme your child needs! There is always a way! 

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy creating!

Jossie Posie 

 *love, paper scissors :)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Cookies with Pottery Barn

Merry Christmas Eve!
Last night we made cookies for Santa with these adorable Santa measuring cups & measuring spoons from Pottery Barn. It was so much fun and these were a great addition to our yearly tradition.
These two were my helpers. Every year I take pictures of them helping me. It's so fun to see how much they remember from the year before.   This year we also drew with fabric markers on their aprons before we started cooking.

Here are our cookies for Santa... the best part, watching them watch them rise!

Just wanted to let you know the measuring cups today are on sale at  Pottery Barn for 
9.99!! That's a steal for these ceramic cups!

Thanks for stopping by friends!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

DIY Christmas Cocoa Station

Hi friends! Happy Christmas eve EVE!
Today I am sharing my cute DIY cocoa station with you...
I started off buying these mugs at flea markets, thrift stores and then found some on eBay. I started shoppin in October, I know - it's crazy but if you want cheap it's always best to buy when it's not in season. I got some of theses mugs as low as 2.75! The most I paid for one with shipping was 9. The tray I had was from Ikea for a whopping 2.75. Once I brought this tray out my son's face was so excited! This is sure to be a hit with my big kids too! I can't wait for Christmas morning!
As I was on my hunt I found ceramic figures and Santa's boot.

Look how adorable this face!

This mug here is actually a  Josef Original I had no idea these were collectables! Score!

I even found this candle for a $1!


Here is a up close picture of this Santa I brought home.

I stuffed Santa's boot with candy canes

along with some candy cane spoons for stirring.

I even purchased some to give away as gifts for my sweet friends.

I was lucky to find this Vintage Santa that has a drawstring, when you pull it plays "We wish you a Merry Christmas"

last but not least... I leave you my sweet grandbaby admiring my $12 vintage Santa.
I will have to confess with you... I'm a lil addicted to Santa's sweet lil face!  
Friends! I wish you a wonderful Christmas and may God bless you with love!

p.s links to some cups that look vintage - hey maybe you can purchase them at 60% off after Christmas sales!
Pottery Barn

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kate Spade Planner Craze!

Well hello there! Is there any Kate Spade lovers out there!? 

Today I just wanted to share some of the madness that has been happening on Instagram...

The planner community has gone wild.  I'm not kidding. This my friends is serious stuff.  Take a peek at these planners that just came out about  week ago. 

These my friends are the new Kate Spade planners for 2016. The rose gold is a new color for Kate Spade.  The retail price is 198. The outlets always have a promotion and I just happened to get mine for $66. Why the crazy you ask... because these planners are being sold right now on ebay for $475!!
Wild right!? I have an older pink Kate Spade  that currently is selling on ebay for $400 too! I would never sell mine because I can move back into it at anytime. 
My mind can't seem to understand the NEED in buying a planner over $80! 

The inside... oooh awwwwh! 

All these rose gold planners just sitting at the Kate Spade counter waiting for new homes!

So what came home with me?  Yes, I am one of those planner girls gone mad. So these two planners, a wallet and this bow sweatshirt came home with me! I happened to go in and the sale was 50% off plus and extra 30%. I couldn't resist as these planners I can say last forever! The leather is nice to have instead of a spiral bound planner and the zip around makes it so functional! Once I move into my new planner I will post pictures of the set up. 

For now you can click here to see how the Instagram Planner Community has started moving into theirs. 

Thanks for stopping by! What's your favorite Planner? How many planners do you have? 


Thursday, October 8, 2015

The #GIRLBOSS Tour - Let's Ride!

I met Sophia Amoruso THE #GIRLBOSS - say wha!?

Yeah, pretty cray cray right?

So good ol Instagram lead me to see a post that Sophia was about to take a #GIRLBOSS TOUR - yes, you read that right.

Her book came out on paperback. I had read the hardback in like two days when it came out. I could not put it down. It was as if she was speaking directly to me.

So when I heard she was going to be 20 minutes from where I worked I knew I had to go meet her.

My opinion in one word bad ass... ok I lied that was two.

She read the introduction to the introduction (which she added to the paperback) and it was awesome. One thing that stuck out to me was that she said, "don't idolize me".

I interpreted that to your own damn self - each one of us is unique.

She answered some questions and the one question I asked was did she ever feel like what the hell am I doing or why am I doing this? She answered, and it surprised me. I was expecting to hear about her early days but she said she still ask's herself those questions today. I thought is was honest and sincere.

Enough talk let's ride...

Eek! Here I am with the famous paperback...

I set up shop at Barnes and Nobles in the cafe. I brought my Cameo & laptop to make her a stemless wineglass... well because I'm a maker, that's just what I do!  

Font #2 was the choice

My gift to her... because every #girlboss needs their own foiled wineglass.

The #girlbuss (photo credit my new friend Jennifer)

Yes, here she is friends!

She was honest, beautiful and a badass. 


Wow, see my smile... that pretty much describes how gosh darn excited I was! 

My new friend Jennifer! She was by herself and so was I! We both where hours early so naturally what do two #girlbosses do? They have fun! 

I had to... 

here it is folks... The #GIRLBOSS gave each of us a swag bag and a $25 dollar gift card to her store. 
pretty rad.

Thanks for taking the ride with me!

If you are in the bay she has a stop tomorrow in SF

ThursdayOctober 8SAN FRANCISCO, CATime: 7:00pmLocation: The RoxieTicketed event
FridayOctober 9CORTE MADERA, CATime: 7:00pmLocation: Book PassageTicketed event
Saturday, October 10LAKE FOREST PARK, WATime: 6:00pmLocation: Third Place Books
Sunday, October 11PORTLAND, ORTime: 2:00pmLocation: Powell’s City of Books    

Jossie Posie

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Law of Attraction...

I started my lil ol blog in September of 2012. The Company Cricut loved the projects I was making and told me to let them know when I had a blog. I didn't need to be told twice! I started this blog!

I became a blogger affiliate soon after. No I never made any money on this blog,  it was just a place to share my love of crafts and DIY. I was very new to the blogging scene and pretty much had no idea what I was doing.  

Ok so where does the law of attraction come in... well it comes in because so far everything I have dreamed of is coming true. 

I wanted to make crafts and teach crafts- pretty much did that via Instagram and this blog.
I wanted to be in business and have an online shop- Jossie Posie was born
I wanted to make my own clothing and low and behold here are my Tees.
I wanted to learn calligraphy and I have taken three classes already.
I wanted to learn to sew and I bought a sewing machine.

Do you see my pattern here... I am attracting these things because I am making moves to get me where I want to be.

I have always dreamed of going to a blogger conference. These conferences can come with a price tag close to 800 hundred.  MMM... no I just can't see myself paying that when I could put 800 into my business. 

Here's the good part I was invited to attend this creative conference called Re:make that is put on by Brit Morin who is the founder of Brit & co - I was also selected to be in a selective group of bloggers to have to lunch with her! They say she is Silicon Valley Martha Stewart. Yeah pretty Rad right!? In 2013 she raised 6.3 million for her company. What a #girlboss!

Me little ol me! I am super excited and I just want to sit there and soak it all in! The agenda seems packed with a great line up! I will even get to see my main girl crush Founder & CCO of  JEN GOTCH . Yes, this seems all pretty crazy to me. I am still in shock. I would love to grow my business and be able to provide products to the planner and scrapbook community. I just want to create. I have tons of ideas in my head that need to be let out!  

My name is Jossie and I'm what you call a #paperchaser


What is a #paperchaser you ask? A girl who only see's pretty paper...

Peace, Love and Pay-Puh!