Monday, January 28, 2019

Galentine's Giveaway!

Hey crafty babes! It's almost that time! Galentines! So I hit 500 Subscribers on my YouTube Channel and thought I would have a crafty giveaway in celebration!

So here's the deets:

Follow me on Instagram and YouTube
Leave a comment on my IG sharing what you currently love creating!

That's it! 

Hope you will join me over on my other outlets!

If you would like to see what's in the loaded embellie bag click here to watch"

Thank you!!
Jossie Posie

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Guys... I have got a problem, a BIG one: too many fun planners! I have got a planner stack as you can see:

Wait and I added one more! This beauty by Teresa Collins! I was looking everywhere for it and low and behold it was in my new Teresa Collins cameo box! Feeling pretty lucky! 

I know crazy right!? So Yeah! I have got some high hopes! Here they are and I have been using them all this week! 

The big happy is for my Wandering Planner work load & events.
The mini happy is for my everyday life in my purse type of thing.
The pink bujo is for journaling 15 min a day while I am art work to bring sanity to my 8-5!
The Teresa Collins I will use for my YouTube ideas & videos! 

So there ya have it! I mean I do now work for a planner company I better have some planners and show my work! Here is the inside of my mini happy planner :) Love opening it up and seeing these cute faces! 

Hmm maybe  I'm just a scrapbooker at heart and need to cut & paste everywhere!? 

Do you plan & scrap!? 

Friday, January 11, 2019

One Little Word 2019

Girls...... crafty girls my goodness! It's 2019! This year has started off with a BANG!!!
I am trying to wrap my head around all these projects that are coming up! You know I want to share my word with you because well I need to put it out there! My word for this year is FAITH.

I went back and forth was I going to participate this year or not? Well I decided to not put pressure on myself and so I chose to not buy Ali's class. I usually fall off by April and this time I really don't want to fall. This year I will carry my word with me regardless if I am doing a monthly prompt.

You see I feel like God has carried me throughout my life. I was five when my mom passed and twelve when my dad passed. God held my sisters and I until we were old enough to take care of ourselves. I have to admit I have lived a CRAZY life. I was pretty much making my own decisions since I was 12. A mini adult at 12, see that's crazy right!?

So my word is faith and I picked it because as strong as God has made me I always second guess my self and my crafting ability.  So by drawing and reminding myself to have faith I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

I also wanted to share that I was approached by a casting agent to apply for the show Making it on NBC! Wow right!? It's seems unbelievable! I applied and let me tell you the application was not easy! After submitting my application the casting agent called me the very next day. She says we need you to submit 8 to 10 MORE projects!

I cried. I cried because I want it so bad but I was not having faith myself! in fact its almost been 24 hours and I have yet to get pictures of my past projects! My sister sent me a text she says,

" Don't stress anymore they don't define your talent. 
God has made you beautifully talented just like our dad".

So there you have it. She reminded me that I needed to look at my word and have faith in him and myself! 

I will upload my pictures at some point today. If you are reading this pray for me, not religious no problem, send me positive vibes!  Thanks for reading this far!       

Jossie Posie - Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2018

New Year New Me!

Ok this is funny- ready? As I was reading the blogs I follow (that's not the funny part) I know who reads blogs these days!? ME!

Or I try to anyway. Call me old school or let's just say I cant keep still long enough to read a book!

So I am catching up on my people (the blogs I follow) and it's a great morning.

I see Kellie's blog! I am always intrigued at her Friday Freebies post. I mean come on who doesn't like free!?

So I open it up and here's the funny part:

I'm like I love that! That is so me! I am def going to print it out and place it in my journal and planner! So here I am sharing it with you!  You can find her Friday-freebie here

So yeah I am so ready to make some changes for the better.  Happy Friday!
I am hoping to sit at my desk and finish my December Daily!

I have also got a new video up on my crafty Christmas presents if you are interested in watching! Come on over! I am excited to dig in to all of them!


Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Power of Positive Thinking!

Hey Guys! I have got some good news to share! I have manifested this pink cameo into my life! Ha!

I have been dreaming of this new machine by Theresa Collins exclusively sold at Micheals.
So a few posts back I made a wish list of the items I wanted for Christmas. I used the magic of the
The Secret Book. If you have never read this I swear by it! It's the power of positive thinking and manifesting what your heart desires!   I just pictured myself using this machine, I pictured myself cutting on it in my craftroom and wowsa it's here! It's all mine! My son gave me 200 dollars in a gift card for Micheals so that I could purchase this machine. He knew my machine was on the brink of not working. My brother in law gave me a 75 gift card  and my sister in law gave me 50 all in Micheals money for Christmas. I knew exactly what I was buying once I put my gift cards together. The machine is currently on sale for 229.00 and the regular price is 279.00. I brought this baby right home and it became a couch for these little baby dolls. I will open her up tonight!

I also wanted to share some more exciting news! Year after year I would apply for design teams and I would get turned down! It was sad. Like I truly would be left feeling like my work was not good ENOUGH!? I would tell my friends please slap me if I say I am applying for another DT! I would get picked to be guest designers but never made a team. Well the good ol universe heard me! 

I got offered to work with The Wandering Planners! Here is my schedule for 2019! I will be visiting these States and being able to share my love of planning with so many planner girls! I am so excited and feel so blessed to have been chosen! 

Our first show for 2019 is in Texas! I can't wait! Actually I really can't believe it's true! This is so much more than what I have ever asked for!

This was the first show I attended last summer in Arizona. I had a blast! Lots of hard work but so worth it! I got to meet Richard Garay and his beautiful wife Gabby!

Here is a little interesting fact I read today and wanted to share with you:

A study conducted at Dominican University in California showed that people who wrote down their goals had 33% more success in achieving them than those who just thought about their goals.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far!
Jossie Posie