Friday, August 21, 2015

Confessions of a Phrase Stamp collector...

Yes. I am crazy. Truth be told I am not alone.  I started scrapbooking (I know sounds goofballish) like three years ago and realized there is a ton of these phrase stamps. I then realized I needed them all. Don't laugh. Anyhow you see they are so easy to use and come in so handy! ok now you can laugh!

My collection...
 Here you can see one of my newest date stamps... IT'S HUGE! OH AND I LOVE IT!
the other was originally a white handle until I put pink spray paint on it! No phrase stamp is safe from spray paint!

here I stamped on a target page flag and attached it to a paperclip... you know for all those #plannerjunkies!

here I added it to my get messy journal and used it for a prompt.

this one well it's pink and hello kitty!
here I added the phrase to a gift tag for Valentine's Day

this was my collection about 2 years ago... I out grew this plastic kitchen tub quickly!

I want to say this was one of my first date/phrase stamps. I was so happy! It might sounds silly but I just think it's so cute!
this was one of my first homemade business cards. Boy that sure is sorry looking.
In fact I still don't own any business cards.   

I just got this stamp last night... I think I have 3 other date stamps that have come in kits. I can't part with them.
So there you have it this is my confession.. I own way too many phrase stamps.



Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#Stationery Addict- Pens Pens & More Pens!

So I am loving everything pen related these days as my love for lettering continues.
I will be honest with you... I am trying hard to perfect my lettering for my next tee.
I will be even more honest with you... I am afraid. Yes,  you heard it here.

As an artist or shop owner not everything is always peachy. It's risky! You take a risk
every time you post your art work on social media platforms.

Ok sorry I was getting deep on you. Let's move on shall we? I want to take you on a trip with me to this lovely store I found in downtown San Jose, California.

I work about 5 minutes form this store and never knew about it until some planner friends told me about it.

Let's roll...
your here for stationery items right?
This is what I walked into... in a small stationery section of a store called Muji, there they were 
pens galore! 

Pens and notebooks!? I was in heaven!  

Stamps too! Yes! 

This is it folks... a lil piece of heaven right here in San Jose! If you are in the area it's def a must to see!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Brush lettering with Tombow Brush Pens!

Hey friends!
Heres an update on my practice! I found these sheets from Olivia from Random Olive to be helping! It's not only learning but it's soothing if that makes any sense?
I guess you would have to try it to see. 

Let's look at my progress ...

I hate the letter T as bad as I do the letter J- why you ask? The letter J is in my name and there is nothing cute about writing a letter J. So as I started on these T's I just found they are soooo pretty! I'm telling you these worksheets are pretty awesome. 

Here is my small set of Tombow pens - they really make brush lettering fun. Each pen has a brush tip and a fine tip. You can find them here Tombow Love

Well friends that's it for today! Thanks for stopping by! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Let's learn brush script!

Hi Friends! 

Today's post...  I must warn you I shot this at night and my lighting is super bad! Forgive me but I wanted you guys to have this information! I came across this lovely girls IG her name is Olivia @RandomOlive She was AWESOME enough to want to teach us her mad skills. Her brush letter practice guide  is only $20 and it comes with tons of information and practice sheets! 
First things first... I love a bargain. $20 you can't beat that right? Secondly she wants to share and teach us! I'm all for learning! Lastly why wouldn't you want to support a fellow women creator!?

So grab your favorite drink and read on!!!!  

I printed out my practice sheets and started to go to town. 
The paint palette is from Artists Loft available at Michael's for
 under $5. You can use any paint brush you have available.

She teaches you when to use thick and thin strokes. She makes it so 
easy for anyone to get started! 

I was really happy with my results. I was also happy because 
this practice forced me to sit and take time to myself.  
I'll be back to update you on my progress! If you would love to join
 me click on this link:

I can't wait to see what you create! I am super excited and would love to master the art of 
brush script. 

What you need to start:
- any water color palette
- any paint brush 

Ok friends thanks for letting me share my excitement!  


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tombow Brush Pens - I'm in love!

Hey hello there!
Have you heard of these Tombow Brush pens? I bought a few about 9 months ago when I took a class over at Studio Calico with Kal Barteski . I needed a thicker font to use on my tees. I didn't really end up writing with them until I saw a few great posts by some awesome girls on IG. I was so happy I had them because I wanted to try them out again. Guess what ... they are so much fun!!!

Here I used the blending pallet to mix the colors. It was super easy to do and I love the way it looks like orange & raspberry sherbet ice cream!
Here you can see I don't have all 96 of them but these are a start! You can find them here @Tombow USA

Here you can see that the colors are so vibrant! The brush tip is so firm so it makes it easy to write with.
Here are some ladies that I admire from IG please check them out:  and She makes stuff

On their IG they offer videos that I keep watching over and over. I promise after more practicing maybe I will upload my own video!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The cutest store in Alameda, CA! Pippa & Co.

Hey party People!
I ran across a couple of cute posts on IG and they belonged to the sweetest store ever!
Once I knew it was in the Bay Area I knew I needed to go a pay a visit.
You can find the shop website here: Pippa & Co.
It's darling... I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


Ballon Bar, all handmade goods, workshops and more! What ever you are looking for you are sure to find it here. I did not get to meet the owner but I did meet her lovely assistant Arlene. She was very kind and welcoming. As you can see in the pictures everything was adorable! I wanted it all.
If you are ever in the area this is your one stop party shop!

Friday, May 8, 2015

#NSD - Hells Yeah!

Hey friends!
So how was your NSD!? Here is a peek into my NSD!
Balloons... oh you know me to well! It's not a party without balloons and a theme!   
We started off by having some pina coladas because lets face it - I signed a contract at JoAnn's no alcohol!
Here I am trying to perform my best art work on these balloons. If I was smart I would of cut some vinyl!!
My crew! These girls! I swear we could sit all day and not craft but have sooo much fun!
We finally made it to JoAnn's and this is the drink I whipped up for us.  The mat and AT book belongs to Linda.  NSD is a day where we get to not only craft together but share our opinions on well.. craft stuff! ha!  
ok so this picture... this was right before we ended the day. We could not see a damn thing out of those pineapple glasses but it was the best 10 minutes ever trying to take a picture!
ok now you may laugh at us! This sums up our NSD fun!

This was our set up....... we had so much fun just hanging out - we didn't want the evening to end! 

Here's Linda working away... 

Here's Liz and her graduate!

Theresa workin her fiskars.
Selfie! This is what was happening. I think we lost Liz in this one because she was shopping!

Here is the loot that I could not pass up.... Heidi Swapp! Yes, I had been eyeing this 4 whole punch seems like forever. It seemed it had been sold out online everywhere. Low and behold right here in Fremont Cali! Those punches were waiting for me!!

Well that's it folks! Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with me while I recapped my NSD! If you have never attended a NSD I encourage you to do so! If you did what did you work on!?